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Belgian Sweets, an authentic Belgian dessert shoppe right in the heart of San Antonio.

Everything we offer is gourmet, made in-house, or imported from only the finest makers in Belgium. We have desserts you might never have heard of before, but will soon be coming back for more!

From REAL Belgian waffles derived from 18th century recipes (these are nothing like your typical breakfast waffle), to chocolates from Belgium's foremost chocolatier, there is definitely something here that you will love.  And from our homemade baked dessert specials, to our handmade artisan sweets imported from candy makers all across Belgium, we have something for everybody.

We offer sophisticated products, but they are things the kids will love too, so bring the whole family!

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About Our Waffles
La Dame Blanche
Fraises et Crème
Gaufre De Liège
Nutella et Bananes

So, what's a "real" Belgian Waffle after all? Interestingly, many people who think they've been eating "Belgian Waffles" their whole lives, either at home or in their local diners, have not been eating what actual Belgians consider to be real waffles at all!  Whereas the typical American version of a "Belgian Waffle" is often just a simple liquid-based batter leavened with baking soda, (and needs toppings of various kinds in order to be enjoyable), our Liege-style REAL Belgian Waffles are made from a complex brioche-style pastry dough leavened with yeast, and lightly caramelized with a special sugar called pearl sugar, all derived from an 18th century recipe. THEY ARE SO GOOD YOU CAN EAT THEM PLAIN !  Have you ever done that with a waffle before? And while there is no one single style of "Belgian Waffle" in Belgium (there are actually several styles eaten throughout the country), our Liege-style waffles with their semi-crisp caramelized crust and chewy center, are definitely the most popular.

Classic Belgian Creations

1. “Gaufre De Liège”

A plain waffle: Real Belgian waffles are so good that many Belgians eat them plain.

2. “Le Tatin”

Waffle with caramelized apples and vanilla ice cream

3. “Le Speculoos”

Waffle with special spread made
from spiced gingerbread biscuits

4. “La Dame Blanche”

Waffle with vanilla ice cream,
chocolate sauce, and whipped cream

5. “La Dame Noire”

Waffle with chocolate ice cream,
chocolate sauce, and whipped cream

6. “Fraises et Crème”

Waffle with fresh strawberries and whipped cream

7. “Nutella et Bananes”

Waffle with Nutella® hazelnut/chocolate
spread and sliced bananas

8. “Chocolat et Crème”

Waffle with chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Make Your Own Creations

Fruit toppings







Caramelized Apples

Stewed Berries

Non-Fruit toppings

Belgian Chocolate Sauce

White Chocolate Sauce


(Spiced Gingerbread Biscuit Spread)

Maple Syrup

Caramel Syrup


Powdered Sugar

Cinnamon Sugar

Fresh Whipped Cream

ice cream toppings

Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate Ice Cream

Sweets and Treats

About Our Chocolates

Neuhaus, the inventor of the chocolate praline (bite-size filled chocolates), and in business since 1857, is one of the finest chocolatiers in the world. As an official supplier to the Belgian Royal Court, Neuhaus makes its chocolate from only the best cocoa beans available, sourced directly from the indigenous Bodjonou cocoa farmers of the Côte d'lvoire (Ivory Coast). Using only fresh and natural ingredients, and secret chocolate recipes over 100 years old, their handmade creations are second to none.

Neuhaus brand CHOCOLATES

Assorted chocolate pralines from Belgium's very
first praline Chocolatier, in business since 1857

Artisan Candies

Various brands of gourmet hard and soft candies
made by Belgium's specialty candy shoppes


PÂtes de fruits

Dried fruit candies, assorted flavors

Neuhaus Brand Chocolates
Neuhaus Chocolate Bars
Pâtes De Fruits
Artisan Candies

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries



Almond-paste based treats, assorted flavors

Homemade Belgian Ice Cream

Our homemade Belgian ice cream is churned the old fashioned way using all natural ingredients and Belgian know-how. We do not use any added preservatives, chemicals, stabilizers, or artificial flavorings. It's served in simple unpretentious clear plastic cups, because it doesn't need any slick packaging with fancy graphics in order to get your attention. In fact, we even discourage the use of toppings, because our ice cream is already so flavorful, that it doesn't need any help. So stop by for a couple of scoops and you'll understand what the buzz is all about.



Belgian Chocolate

Fresh Strawberry

Strawberry Sorbet

Peanut Butter Banana

Sweet Cream

Homemade Belgian
Ice Cream
Homemade Belgian
Ice Cream






Gateaux (Cakes) & Specialty Pastries

About Our Pastries And Candies

All of our cakes, pies, and pastries are homemade creations using a fusion of Belgian, French, Dutch, and German recipes, which form the core of Belgian cuisine. We use only all-natural ingredients and Belgian know-how. In order to ensure freshness, quality, and optimum flavoring, we respect the seasonality of various fruits, so not every item will be available all year round. Our gourmet candies are made for us by independent artisan candy shops all across Belgium, and flown in bi-weekly. These are true, Old World European candy artisans who specialize in nothing but gourmet candies. Their creations are sometimes so clever and attractive, that you' re not sure whether to take a bite, or take a picture...



Belgian style cheesecake, lighter and fluffier
than standard American cheesecake

Clafoutis aux cerises

A baked-cherry infused flan-like dessert with powdered sugar

Profiteroles au chocolat

Belgian version of French choux à la crème (puff pastry
filled with cream and covered with chocolate ganache)

Homemade Crème
Homemade Mousse
au Chocolat


Mousse au Chocolat


A glass of homemade Belgian style pastry cream with mixed fruits


Red fruit flavored mousse

For daily specials and for what’s available, please see our bakery display cases.


All Day Light Meals: QUICHES & CROQUES


Croque Mistral
Homemade Quiche

Ham, cheese and butter sandwich / panini-style grilled bread


Cheese sandwich with various cheeses / panini-style grilled bread


Tuna salad, cheese and tomato sandwich / panini-style grilled bread


Cheese, tomato, olive oil, and herbes de provence
Sandwich / panini-style grilled bread


Quiche with bacon, onions, mushrooms and chives


Quiche of the day


Hot Drinks

Espresso and Espresso-Based Drinks

Café Espresso
Espresso of the strength that Belgians typically drink

Café Serré
A stronger, more concentrated espresso in shot form

Café Allongé
A milder, mellower espresso

Café Au Lait
Café espresso with steamed milk, the French/Belgian version of what others refer to as cappuccino

Café Crème
Café espresso with whipped cream

Café Mocha
Café espresso blended with Belgian hot chocolate

Lait Russe (Russian Milk)
Hot milk with shot of espresso / Café serré

Belgian Hot Chocolate

Brewed Coffee

Brewed Tea

Cold Drinks

Belgian Chocolate Milk
Whole milk infused with real Belgian chocolate

Menthe À L’Eau
A very flavorful mint-infused ice water drink, served ice cold, very refreshing in summer months

A mixed-fruit infusion of elderberry, red currant, black currant, raspberry and lemon, served ice cold, very refreshing in summer months

Grenadine &
Menthe À L’Eau
Café Au Lait

Whole Milk

Bottled Water

Brewed Iced Coffee

Brewed Iced Tea

Bottled Juice

About Our Décor

At Belgian Sweets, our décor is as authentic as our food. Most of our furnishings and fine art installations, are actual 18th and 19th century European antiques. We do not use reproductions, these items are the real thing. Our pieces are sourced primarily from The Bodhisattva Collection, one of the USA's finest and most respected online antique dealers, who in turn source their pieces from Sotheby's, Christies, Bonhams, and from private collections in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Given that our shop is furnished in this manner, we ask the cooperation of our guests and patrons to please be mindful and respectful of your surroundings when on our premises. We want to share the beauty of these wonderful pieces with our customers, and to enrich your experience when in our shop. But we're also very mindful of our status as custodians of these items, and so we ask your cooperation in preserving them for future generations, by simply being careful inside our store.


Whether it's for a small gathering of 20 people, or for a larger group of 200, our pastry chef and staff can probably accommodate you.

Feel free to contact us and tell us what your needs are, and we'll see how we can help make your event an extra special one.

(210) 354-7101

Special Discounts

Law Enforcement & Military

As former law enforcement ourselves, we have great respect and admiration for the brave men and women who literally put it all on the line for their communities and for the country at large. Accordingly, as a token of our thanks, we're pleased to offer discounts to all law enforcement and military personnel.


We're looking for a select group of corporate partners and franchisees who appreciate the value of a real European-style business model like ours: One that emphasizes authenticity and true excellence in food quality, as opposed to commercial mass production and speed...One that emphasizes the value of genuinely unique and charming artisan-style surroundings, as opposed to mass-market cookie cutter aesthetics, and the obsession to have a store on every corner.

If you share our corporate philosophies and sensibilities, and know possible locations where our style of business would thrive, please feel free to contact us at

15614 Huebner Road, Suite #116
San Antonio, TX 78248
(210) 354-7101

Belgian Sweets